The Services I provide are strictly confidential and include:

1. Domestic Investigations: Child Support, Custody, Alimony, locating family members and offer updated background reports of family members who you may be concerned about. Know their back ground knowledge is power.

2. Meet someone new: dating someone new or a person you may be interested in romantically, check him/her out. Go into the relationships informed especially if it is someone you met on line.

3. Corporate-New hire, background Investigations, Employee Theft, Undercover investigations when you suspect irregularities. Know who you are letting in your front door.

4. Insurance-Worker Compensation fraud, Health Fraud, Auto Insurance fraud, locating evidence and taking sworn statements as a Notary Public.

5. Criminal/Civil Litigation-Obtaining sworn statements, witness and defendant locating, tracing assets, background investigations from multiple data bases, obtaining records regarding law enforcement Internal Affairs records, identify false lawsuits/arrests, government corruption and financial fraud. Often in these cases there is more than what meets the eye.

6. Law Enforcement consultation-review Internal Affairs documents amongst and/or other documents regarding their administrative/criminal conclusions regardless of whether the allegation was proven or disproven. Review agencies policies and procedures, review standard operating procedures, review general orders and established past practices. Examine agencies use of lethal and non-lethal force and provide expert witness testimony.

7. Security consultation: Review security plans for high profile locations which include airport and seaport. My previous line of work combined with my prior security consultation employment and contacts for Port Everglades and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport security make me an asset when considering security alternatives.